Day 219 – August 7 Surfer

Today I was just plain tired.  I had a busy week and a busy weekend and this coming week isn’t letting up at all… I have plans after work every night this coming week as well as all day next Saturday.  It’s great, but sometimes you just need a little down time!  I took a bit of that time to myself today by enjoying the rainy day at home with a few chores and a nice nap.  Later in the afternoon I decided to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things, but wanted to take a quick drive by the beach first.  I assumed that with the storms in New England and the tropical storm to the south, there would be a bit of surf.  There was, albeit messy.  I captured a few photographs.  Here’s one of a brave soul and his short board having some fun!

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3 Responses to Day 219 – August 7 Surfer

  1. Gloria says:

    Once again you have captured the essence of the day and the sport! Good shot!

  2. didex says:

    Great shoot,,, lovely image Detcher,,,,,,
    you take picture of surfer were at the right time, right moment,,,

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