Day 222 – August 10 Birthday!

Ah… posting a day late, but I can guarantee that the photos were taken on August 10.  🙂  I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday yesterday with my sister.  My younger sister, as she so frequently pointed out to folks last night.  She lives about 4 hours drive away in New York City but was doing business in the Boston area this week.  We had tickets for a band, OAR and had a few drinks and dinner before.  Of course, with the concerts they really restrict what you’re allowed to bring in for cameras, so all I had with me was my iPhone.  Here are two photographs…one of the band from our 5th row seats and one of my sister and me (I’m on the right) just before the concert.  Special thanks to my sis for fun times!!!

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12 Responses to Day 222 – August 10 Birthday!

  1. Wish we knew it was your birthday Jean Marie, we would have sent flowers.

    Clark and Gloria

  2. Thank goodness for the tiny iPhone camera, right? Great pics. Bet that was a fun concert, what a great way to celebrate – Happy Birthday!!

  3. jess says:

    Awwww. I feel so honored. 🙂 glad you had fun. Let’s do it again soon!

  4. didex says:

    Happy B’day….. Taraaaa……!!!

  5. Frank Velez says:

    Happy belated birthday.

    Nice pic, even if it was with an iPhone.

  6. Gloria says:

    A belated Happy Birthday, JeanMarie. How great that you could share it with your (baby) sister.

    Maybe you need to find out how to get a press pass. Your picture of the band member last week was very professional.

    • Thank you Gloria! I enjoyed spending the evening with my sister. Too much fun!
      I’ve actually photographed a few bands in the past (with press passes) … I’ll have to look back to see what days they were, but one was my all-time favorite artist, Gary Allan, at the Casino Ballroom. It was great!

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