Day 226 – August 14 Front Yard Tree

I was looking out at my front yard as the rain had just started to fall today and realized that I still hadn’t taken my photo of the day.  I also found myself looking at this huge tree in my front yard, thinking that soon the leaves would be falling and autumn will be here.  I used to like fall.  Well, I still do, but when you look at this photograph, you might understand why I’m not as much of a fan as I was before.  Those leaves ALL fall in my front yard.  They have to get picked up.  It’s this vicious cycle every year…they fall, I pick them up, they come back in the spring and then fall again in the autumn.  I have 2 others in the front and 7 more that are twice its size in the back.   To say that’s a lot of leaves is a terrible understatement.  Perhaps I’ll call up the local landscaping company this year!  🙂  For now… I’ll do my best to enjoy them ON the trees.

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7 Responses to Day 226 – August 14 Front Yard Tree

  1. dmbphotography says:

    Gorgeous photo!

  2. Ahh, But the colors of Fall are sometimes amazing!

  3. Emily Gooch says:

    Beautiful shot! Make a print of this gorgeous tree and hang it on the wall so that when you are raking all the leaves, it might make you feel better about the task. 😉

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