Day 242 – August 30 Instagram

Wow, is it really August 30?!?!  It seems like just yesterday it was springtime.  I’m sure that my sentiments are shared by others when I say that I hope that this coming winter isn’t like the last one.  We could use a little weather break up here in New England!  I like having the opportunity to walk my dog, Tucker, and pluck cute little flowers (likely a weed, for all I know) like the one I grabbed tonight.  That’s hard to do in the snow.  🙂  Tonight I thought I’d try something a little different – I made an Instagram.  Instagram is an app for the iPhone (and maybe others?) that allows you to have a little fun with post processing in a quick and easy way on your phone, then provides an avenue to share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It’s a neat little tool!  Here’s my first Instagram…

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3 Responses to Day 242 – August 30 Instagram

  1. Frank Velez says:

    Cool! Makes photography a lot more fun when you can do stuff like this with your phone and quickly share it.

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