Day 251 – September 8 The Wedding

The major event that provoked this visit to Africa was the wedding of two friends that are both from Africa.  The bride is a native of Zimbabwe and the groom is from South Africa.  Oddly, they met in London.  🙂  The wedding was on the bank of the Zambezi River and it was beautiful.  Friends and family from all over the world joined to celebrate and it was most certainly a magical day!  The first photograph was taken right after the ceremony and the second is from after the wedding when we all got in boats and went to a small island not far from the lodge that is actually part of Zimbabwe.  We stayed there until sunset and then went back for a fun-filled reception.



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2 Responses to Day 251 – September 8 The Wedding

  1. JMD – your photos are gorgeous! the one above with the bride and groom kissinga nd dancing in the surf is just lovely. Keep posting!! 😉

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