Day 263 – September 20 Kwacha

I have no idea why, but foreign currency always amuses me.  Sure, the Euro and the Pound are old news to me, but I love seeing new currency.  With my recent travels, I used the Zambian Kwacha and the South African Rand.  I’ll admit, seeing the prices in Zambian currency is downright funny.  I paid 63,875 Kwacha for 500 mg of coffee.  The conversion is about 4800 Kwacha to one US dollar.  Round it up to 5000 for easy math.  Yeah, it just looks funny!  🙂  Well, at least they’re pretty bills.  Here’s a glimpse of a few.

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2 Responses to Day 263 – September 20 Kwacha

  1. Steve Wierengo says:

    I like foreign bills to, I still have some roubles

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