Day 264 – September 21 Serious Boots

Part of my job today involved going out to take a look at a large piece of  land for building purposes.  I was told “wear boots that you’re ok with sinking in mud up to your ankles in”.  Right, that’s just what every girl wants to hear.  I looked at my assortment of fashionable (and otherwise) boots and decided that my only option was my boots that bought a few years ago when my fully finished basement flooded after an ice storm.  I went 4 days without power in winter and found myself in a marine store, looking for some sort of bilge pump, and wandering over toward the footwear.  It was freezing cold out and I had 4″ of water I was wading through.  I saw those boat / deckhand / marine boots and was just thrilled.  They were mine!  I wore them today and found that things must have dried out a bit since the last time my colleague was out there and I would’ve prefered hiking boots, but hey, at least the marine boots got some use!

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2 Responses to Day 264 – September 21 Serious Boots

  1. I really like the feel of this photo. And the angle is sort of like it would be if you’re looking at your friend’s boots, so kind of nice that way. 🙂

    • Thank you! I was kind of cringing as they’re so heavy and clunky, but they do their job! While I always carry my camera with me, today I just used my iPhone and the Instagram app. Thanks for checking out my little project. 🙂

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