Day 265 – September 22 Special Hippo

When I was in Zambia there was a wonderful man, Levy, that I grew very fond of that worked at the lodge.  He treated us all like queens, catering to our every need at the lodge.  He also was the person that took us out in the boat for the sunset cruises, spotting animals in a way we couldn’t believe all while pouring glasses of wine or grabbing a beer for us.  He is also the person that took us to visit the local village – HIS village.  He shared a part of him with us, showing us his home, his children, their schools and his church where he is a deacon.  After a few days of chatting I learned that Levy had a special talent for woodwork.  He had hand carved some animals and previous visitors at the lodge had bought them.  I noticed that at the time, there was just one left, the lonely hippo.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it from him until the very last night.  We were on our daily sunset cruise and a hippo popped his head out of the water not far from us and just glared at us.  This hippo was closer than we’ve ever been to one before with Levy.  The hippo did it a second time and had his eyes on our boat and Levy very quickly put the boat into full speed and got us far, far from the area.  Even though the hippos are dangerous, we laughed about it because Levy said that there’s one in particular in that area that he thinks has a bit of a grudge against him.   I chuckled all the way back and then I had to get the wooden hippo.  Every time I see it I’ll think of Levy!


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One Response to Day 265 – September 22 Special Hippo

  1. Gloria McCurdy says:

    Great story, Jean-Marie! What a special person Levy must be to keep you all entertained and yet keep you safe and cosseted at the same time. Your pictures and stories of the trip are spectacular!

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