Day 269 – September 26 Behind the Wave

Tonight was a beautiful, warm, sunny late September evening.  The water was even relatively warm!  It’s hard to believe October begins on Saturday.  Can we delay it just a little while longer?  There was some fun surf so I headed out right after work.  As the sun began to set I realized I still needed my photo for the day and ran back up to my Jeep to grab my waterproof camera.  Here’s a photograph from the back side of a wave as the sun sets behind the houses on the beach. 

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4 Responses to Day 269 – September 26 Behind the Wave

  1. Gloria McCurdy says:

    It’s always a gift to see something you know you won’t get to see for yourself. Your inventiveness is remarkable. You let us have a peek into your world on a daily basis–and it’s like reading a good mystery–twists and turns and surprises. Thank you, JM. Love this photograph.

    • Gloria, you’re too kind. Thank you so much. No doubt I’m full of twists and turns and surprises… but I think we all are! 🙂 And you CAN see this for yourself. I was in knee to thigh high water so you just need to venture out and go for it! 😉

  2. Scott MacKenzie says:

    LOVE it!

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