Day 270 – September 27 New Friend

Tonight on my way home from work I had to take a little detour and run a few errands.  As I was driving home, I passed a local pasture that (I presume) boards horses, just a mile or so from my house.  This is mildly entertaining because I live right “in town”.  I saw that there were two horses out grazing and couldn’t help but stop and snap a few pictures.  Wouldn’t you know it, one of them is quite the flirt!  This black horse (sorry, I’m sure it is a certain breed!) was incredibly friendly and as soon as he spotted me he made his way right to me.  Yes, in my mind it’s a “he” but I have no clue of the sex of the horse.  🙂  I wanted to pet him, but figured I probably shouldn’t.  However, his greetings and friendly nature did afford me the opportunity to snap a few closeups since I only had my 50mm lens on my camera.  The first is of him giving me “the look” and flirting a bit, the second is of him coming right up and saying hi.

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4 Responses to Day 270 – September 27 New Friend

  1. What a wonderful story! And a great horse! Love the photos too. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Eileen says:

    Ditto what Katie said above. Gorgeous horses. My Aunt Breed horses, if you ever want to spend a day shooting her farm let me know!

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