Day 277 – October 4 Whistling Candy

Well, I suppose that this candy doesn’t whistle, but it’s dispenser sure does!  This is a classic Pez dispenser and the original candy it came with that I have had (in it’s original packaging) for quite some time, perhaps several years.  I have no idea why I had it and didn’t eat the candy!  Perhaps that will have to change.  It was opened, so I must have pondered it at some point.  I have a few Pez dispensers.  One is Goofy and I think I have an Eeyore around too.  They certainly are classic when it comes to candy.  I think it’s safe to say that nearly everyone loves the sweet little morsels of candy and the fun way they’re dispensed.  In this case, the dispenser can even be used as a safety device or for directing traffic – muli-purpose!  🙂

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2 Responses to Day 277 – October 4 Whistling Candy

  1. Pat Ykema says:

    I used to put them in your stocking at Christmas sometimes.

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