Day 280 – October 7 The Old Timer Restaurant

There is one thing the greater New England area does not lack and that’s Irish influence.  It is the home of the Boston Celtics and one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parties in the country.  There are plenty of Irish names filling the phone books in each town and with all of that brings Irish pubs and restaurants.  I’ve been to Ireland and the food was good… the Guinness was great.  🙂  Today I found myself at the end of a business trip in a very small New England town and was told that one of the best places in town was The Old Timer.  I dare say it’s an institution.  It was started back in 1929 and has gone strong ever since hosting its regular guests along with special functions.  One of my colleagues even said that once he was there for dinner and there was an Irish Wake happening and at first he thought it was a wedding reception – apparently the Irish really know how to have a funeral.  The windows caught my eye with their heavy drapery and patterned shades over them.  You can see the dark wood and older pieces of dishware from various collections.  Perhaps it gives you a feel for it.  Yeah, I could sit in a booth and sip a Guinness with some friends.  🙂

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