Day 302 – October 29 Contrast

Today I made an effort to get out and do a few things before this lovely snow storm hits.  I still can’t believe it’s October and I’m looking at the snow falling.  I got my dog, Tucker, out for a nice walk in the local forestry preserve again and came across an old (or at least old looking), small wooden shed that looked like it might house a pump or some other maintence item.  The colors and texture immediately caught my eye.  I love the contrast that you can see in this photo.  Contrasting colors, contrasting lines, contrasting textures are all present.  Kind of reminds me of that little phrase “opposites attract”.  In this case, I think they work quite well together.  🙂

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One Response to Day 302 – October 29 Contrast

  1. Gloria McCurdy says:

    There are just so many things about this picture that I like! All you said and then some.

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