Day 306 – November 2 Sign, Sign Everywhere A Sign

What does one do when they’re sitting in traffic, not moving, wondering if they’ll get to French class on time?  Of course, one might possibly think “hmm…great time to take a photo of the day out here in completely parked traffic”.  Yes, I was the one.  I looked around and the cranky drivers glared at me as I started snapping photographs.  I learned a long time ago that it pays to look up, down and all around when you’re looking for a shot, so that’s what I did.  I mean, who really wants a shot of a cranky commuter stuck in their car glaring at me, anyway??   I happened to look up, through the sunroof in my car, and saw the overpass sign… bam!  There you go, quick little shot with my  50mm f1.4 lens on and not only did I get my photo of the day, the traffic started moving!  It was fate.  🙂


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