Day 309 – November 5 Spiral

I was out running a few errands this afternoon and happened to be in my town’s downtown area.  The harbor was surprisingly calm and I spotted an interesting spiral staircase of a condo building.  What a view these residents have!  Of course, one’s mind could revert to thoughts of a downward spiral, but I’m moving toward the positve and an upward, artistic spiral.  🙂  I just hope the residents don’t try to tackle the stairs after a martini or two.  😉

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8 Responses to Day 309 – November 5 Spiral

  1. dogear6 says:

    Incredible! The stair case just goes on and on. But yeah, not something to do if you’ve had a few.


  2. kmwoodman says:

    Where is this? It looks a lot like a staircase I’ve photographed in Rockport, MA, in their downtown area!

    • Hello! No, not quite Rockport, it’s in Portsmouth, NH. 🙂 Thanks for checking out my little project!

      • kmwoodman says:

        That’s funny…I used to work in Portsmouth. Dover now. I’ve never seen that staircase in Portsmouth…always going somewhere else to shoot. I may have to take another look. It’s usually newcastle, prescott park or the tugboats when I go out. I may have to look around a bit more!

  3. Steve Wierengo says:

    reminds me of the stairs to the apartments above the Rosebud, straight up, not good after a few (or a dozen) beers lol

  4. Dan Frigulietti says:

    Wow …I’ve paddle my kayak beneath these stairs for the last 2 summers.
    Cool to see it from such a different perspective, nice shot.

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