Day 325 – November 21 My Bag

Like many other photographers out there, professional or hobbiest, I have several camera bags.  One for hiking, one for travel, one for special events, one for certain amounts of gear, one for more amounts of gear.  You get the picture.  Trust me, I know I’m not alone with this “challenge”.  Surprisingly, this photo-a-day project has opened up new avenues in the camera bag arena for me.  I have discovered the joy (oh yes, I said joy) of Kelly Moore bags.  No, I’m not paid to sell her stuff.  🙂  However, if she wants to send me a fab new bag, I’m all for it!  No, really, for those folks out there that want to be able to carry a bag that’s multi-functional but still protect your camera and it doesn’t LOOK like a camera bag, you’ll love her bags.  It’s stylish, durable, functional and does its job with my gear.  Given that I have carried it for this long without switching to something else says something (seriously).  I’ve received several compliments on it too.  Kelly Moore is a photographer that recognized a need and an opportunity.  Way to go girl!  🙂

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