Day 329 – November 25 Concentration

There’s nothing quite like trying to get the attention of a 9, almost 10, year old as he’s playing a video game on the computer.  With headphones.  I’m sure it can be done…. short of pulling the plug, I’m just not sure how!  🙂

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3 Responses to Day 329 – November 25 Concentration

  1. Dan Frigulietti says:

    That’s dead on …, having just spent the holiday with my niece and nephew and their Mac books and Ipods.

    • I can’t even imagine what things would’ve been like had we had that technology when I was that age… my mom used to just push us kids out the door and told us to go find something to do to outside!

  2. Hallysann says:

    I believe the word chocolate had a piercing effect on the headphones. 🙂

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