Day 332 – November 28 Tucker’s Mess

I got home after work tonight and when I went into my bedroom and looked in the direction of my master bathroom, I just had to laugh.  The photograph below shows what I saw.  It appears that my mistake in not making sure the cabinet door with the trash in it was closed was Tucker’s (my black lab) gain.  I’m sure he had plenty of fun shredding everything in the bin to pieces and spreading it about the floor.  Hard to believe he’s a “senior” and still acts like this.  What’s entertaining is that I have child locks on the cabinet doors to prevent this very thing from happening!  That’s ok, I still love him.  🙂

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6 Responses to Day 332 – November 28 Tucker’s Mess

  1. This is funny! Suppose Tucker feels upset about something?

    • He was likelly ticked off that his pet sitter forgot that he was supposed pet sit for two days while I was in NY over Thanksgiving! I learned about this on Sunday, two days after I got home. GRRR!!!!!

  2. Steve Wierengo says:

    priceless pet moments, that make you mad and laugh at the same time

  3. dogear6 says:

    That’s terrible that he was forgotten for two days. We just got home tonight and found out our neighbor did not pick up mail like they promised, which is fairly minor next to animal being forgotten.

    I have two similar posts on dog messes:

    Hope they make you laugh.

    • Thankfully, he’s ok so far. I just fear that he could’ve eaten something and end up with intestinal blockage… just have to keep an eye on him but for now, all systems are a go.
      Those two links are hilarious… what is it with dogs and kitty litter?!?! ewwwww!!!!

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