Day 346 – December 12 Tucker Posing

Tonight I got home and admittedly, I just feel like poo.  I’m pretty worn out from some recent travel but more so, I have a head cold.  Yuck.  It’s trying to take every last bit of energy I have and throw it out the window.  My ambition to take a fabulous photo that might include editing tonight is non-existent.  So, I tried to get a decent shot of my black lab, Tucker, posing for me.  I tried treats, commands, a ball… nothing worked.  I have several shots where he’s simply a blur because it’s nearly impossible for him to sit still when I want him to.  Then when I finally gave up, he went over on the hard wood floor and plopped down and gave me the “really, are you finished yet?” look.  That lovely look turned into a photograph.  Oi…happy Monday!


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3 Responses to Day 346 – December 12 Tucker Posing

  1. andy1076 says:

    Cute smile lol!! yep! labs are full of energy and telling them to sit down is never an easy feat 😛

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