A, As In Asparagus

… or artichoke, anticipation, apron, architecture and Amanda!  Here’s my first photo blog of the year with some new photographs along with a few others I’ve taken in the past, all supporting the letter A.  While I admit I tried my best not to carry around my DSLR camera all the time, it just won’t work.  I found myself in situations where I saw great “A” opportunities and I didn’t have my camera.  Hey, live and learn.  No more… it’s back in the bag!  🙂  I’ll be cataloging my work by letter this year (if it’s not tied to a specific project) and hope to bring you many more great new photographs (and maybe a few fun, relatively pointless stories or thoughts of mine) through the year!  Enjoy!

Architecture in New York City just off Wall Street:

Architecture in New York City:

Architecure in New York City

Artsy Asparagus:

Asparagus from Above



Artichoke at an angle:

Artsy Artichoke



Aprons!  Yes, they’re all mine… and yes, the one on the far left really is a Minnie Mouse apron. 🙂

Aprons A Plenty



Apron attempting to be inviting at a storefront:


Amanda and her beau, John!

Amanda And John

Architecture in New York City at the World Trade Center Site:

Architecture in New York City at the World Trade Center Site

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One Response to A, As In Asparagus

  1. dogear6 says:

    You know, I posted all last year to the randomly selected words and when I started reading your post, I couldn’t think for myself of anything starting with an “A” that I took a picture of.

    I do have a lot of architecture ones from last year. I’m sure I have more that start with “A”, but I’m a bit stumped at the moment.

    Great pictures – thanks for sharing. Amanda looks very happy.


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