D, As In Doors

My sister is the one who inspired most of the photos for this post with D.  She has this thing with doors and I have no idea where it stems from.  She likes them, especially pretty or unique ones, and that’s ok.  She could like snakes, ghosts, or any other variety of things that would be neither as accessible nor as enjoyable to photograph as doors.  The town that I live in is one of the first established in the United States and there is a lot of great older architecture, especially the houses.  With those old houses comes very uniquely designed and colored doors.  I took a little walkabout one of the historic parts of town and captured a few doors.  Jess, they’re for you!  🙂

Additionally, you’ll see some animals, including a dolphin that was stuck in a low tide area and was eventually helped out.  My beloved black lab, Tucker, is also included (dog!).  There are the decks, danger, drama, door handle, deposit box, dead (leaves), decisions (or delicious, when I think of wine!) and my “D” stationary that I picked up in Italy.

I tried a different option, the gallery setting, for this post.  You can simply click on the first image below and it will open up larger, then you can pace through all of the images.


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3 Responses to D, As In Doors

  1. Kara Sanders says:

    Really great work Jean-Marie. I’m glad she inspired you because those are some great doors.

  2. The Door Loving Sister says:

    I am fascinated by doors… But not in that TLC “Strange Addiction” sort of way – I have never made out with a door. 😉

    In a nutshell, here is why I love doors. There are very few things in life that offer so much sudden change that is powered by you. Behind any door at any given time could lie the one thing or person that could change your life. I am getting deep here, I know… But stay with me. Just think about this. How many times someone has opened a door and heard “Surprise” and felt a surge of pure, unedited joy and excitement? Or even the times you have slammed a door in anger and hurt – maybe even as closure? How many times have you gone on a first date and stared down the door before opening it as if the door will give you that last minute confidence boost? Doors can keep things out you don’t want in but at the very same time they may be keeping those things in. Doors are neat. And as I look thru your beautiful pictures I can’t help but wonder how many lives have changed using those doors. #DoorDork

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