G, As In G. Willikers!

No, that’s not an exclamation on my part, but rather a toy store.  What a fun name!  This toy store has been open since 1978 and provides fun for all ages.  Not long after passing this store I saw the Grandpa walking with his Granddaughter (I presume) and who knows, maybe they were headed to the toy store.  I also included a few other things that I’m trying to figure out if they’re supposed to be that way, or if they’re really not.  Those things include the graffiti wall and the grungy door.  Yet the graffiti looks quite artistic in most parts of it… perhaps it’s intentional art?  The door is very interesting, almost in a creative painting sort of way.  Maybe that door isn’t really grungy?    Well, I suppose it’s for each individual to decide at this point.  Enjoy!

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