Happy 400th Birthday, Amsterdam Canal Ring!

You read correctly… 400 years!  The start of the Canal Ring in Amsterdam began in 1613.  For those that haven’t visited “Venice of the north”, there are over 100km of canals, 90 islands and over 1500 bridges.  I’ve been to Venice and personally, I find Amsterdam more beautiful that the famed Italian city, perhaps because it seems a bit cleaner and less smelly to me.  Don’t get me wrong, Venice is gorgeous, but Amsterdam has a completely different feel about it.  I’ve been traveling to the city regularly from the USA for work lately and I’ve come to really like the city.  The people, the culture, neighborhoods, the traditions, and of course, the canals, all add up to a wonderful experience.

During my last trip that I just returned from I spent the weekend in Brussels exploring the city and made a point to have my camera, so I took advantage of that when I made my way to Amsterdam for the week.  It was quite cold, but amazingly the sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon when I arrived.  I wanted to explore a few new neighborhoods and found myself taking many photographs of the bridges and canal areas when I was out at sunset.  It’s just so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.  I took many photographs, but thought I’d share some of my canal photos with you in honor of their 400th birthday.

I hope you can capture the feel of the city and imagine yourself on a small canal tour boat, sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the view.  🙂

_DSC6491 _DSC6493 _DSC6497 _DSC6499 _DSC6505 _DSC6511 _DSC6517 _DSC6523 _DSC6530 _DSC6533 _DSC6537

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2 Responses to Happy 400th Birthday, Amsterdam Canal Ring!

  1. tanyastrous says:

    oh my gosh, these photos of Amsterdam are beautiful!!

    • Thank you Tanya! I certainly do love the city. I will have these on my regular website for purchase soon. I have a few in very large (16×24) prints hanging in my house and I love them!

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