It IS winter in New England, right?

Oddly, we are without snow right now in New England, which just feels weird.  Although, last year we didn’t get much snow either.  As I look outside right now, there are tiny flurries floating around in the air, but I’m not expecting anything substantial to hit the ground.  Just a dusting, as they say.

I got a surprise text from a friend yesterday inviting me to join he and his fiancée for a hike in the woods through a nature preserve area near an inlet of water from the Atlantic.  I hesitated as I looked at the lovely thermometer that was reading all of 22F, but I figured I could just bundle up and go for it.  Of course, I drug my camera along.  We  did our best to stay on the trails… that didn’t go so well.  🙂  Eventually we found the main road so it all worked out ok!

I was amazed at how much color there was!  Shockingly, there were bits of green in the woods, between the evergreens and ferns sprouting on the ground, it nearly felt like spring.  Granted, most of the rest of the landscape represented various shades of brown and tan.  We walked out to a great area where there once stood railroad tracks and all that’s left are the support posts.  I was processing the photographs and having a hard time choosing between color and black and white… I guess it’s just whatever you feel in the moment for some of them.  I’ve posted samples of both – any preferences?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to my fellow football (and crazy funny commercial) fans in the USA!  🙂

Green Winter

Beach Grass

Old Railroad Tracks 1

Old Railroad Tracks 2

Old Railroad Tracks 3

Old Railroad Tracks 4 Water Patterns

Snowless Winter Day

New England Barn

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8 Responses to It IS winter in New England, right?

  1. Denise Mc says:

    Amazing. I so enjoy all your photos. Keep them coming.

  2. I think you chose perfectly. My favorite is the first black and white.

  3. nurseychic says:

    So hard to the first forest scene with the birches….but the old dock posts? water pics were great too! Nice hike!

  4. Have to say that I’m loving the black and white conversions! Bring on Spring! I’m all done with our non-winter!

  5. dogear6 says:

    I haven’t been to the botanical gardens for several weeks, but like you I was also surprised at how much color I found. Winter in Virginia is not as bad as by you, but it still gets cold and snowy. I enjoyed seeing your photos, although I would have loved to see that barn in color. It is way cool.


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