Winter Wonderland!

In New England we’ve reached that point in the year where many of us begin to get rather sick of snow and we’re ready for spring. March arrives this coming week and I’d like to think we’re making the turn, but we all know there will inevitably be more snow. The weather has been a bit irregular with rain last night and a shift toward snow today. The snowfall was gorgeous with HUGE flakes and covered trees. While it wasn’t exactly fun to get off my driveway, I did enjoy snapping a few photos afterward.

Here are two photographs. One is of the simple yet beautiful trees. It’s gorgeous to look at them in their white splendor while it lasts… as soon as the wind picks up or the temperatures rise, it’ll all be a distant memory. The second photograph is of the North Church in my town’s city center square area. I’ve photographed it a million times (or thereabouts!) and this time it caught my eye during the magical hour as the sun was going down, even though it was behind the snow clouds. The snow-lined trees and streets add a gorgeous accent to the church. I hope everyone was able to live in the moment and enjoy the beauty before they tried to clear their driveways!



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3 Responses to Winter Wonderland!

  1. jeanryl says:

    I wish we have winter here too -,-

  2. Lisa Camara (LisaMarie) says:

    Beautiful photos Jean-Marie!

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