Band Promo Shots… Pick A Favorite!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the guys in a great band called NOWisNOW from Portland, Maine. We were in the downtown area on a super sunny, super cold Sunday morning. It provided some interesting challenges… the sun was SO bright that we couldn’t really capture much outside. I mean, blindingly bright!!! So, we gained access to an old government building thanks to a great business owner on the street level and made our way to the elevator where we knew there were cool dials above the entrances to the elevators. We wanted to keep in theme with the name of the band.

The photographs below are all processed differently to show the different options to the band. Without saying much more about the band, I wanted to share some of the proofs and find you what these images say to you… what does it resonate about their personalities and the style of music? What would you expect in a performance from them? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!










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2 Responses to Band Promo Shots… Pick A Favorite!

  1. John Barrick says:

    I like the clock reflection the best. I’m not crazy about the ones that have drew and the drummer blurred in the background. Although Mitch is the lead man, I think it de-emphasizes the other two, and they are equally important.

  2. I like the fifth one down, also the last shot. When I look at these guys I feel they would play some sort of rock, nothing heavy, and not classic rock either. Maybe something progressive, not sure really. In the fifth shot they all seem like they are having a good time, and look happy. Nice shots!

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