Cold, Grey, Rockin’ Kinda Day

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and make the best of a situation.  That’s exactly what everyone did yesterday with the cold, grey skies and absolutely no one in the bar for a band to play to.  Oh, and for me to photograph them with.  This band brings in a crowd wherever they go, no doubt.  That wasn’t the issue.  The challenge was that they were playing on a Saturday afternoon from 1:00pm – 4:00pm at a “biker bar”.  I have no idea if that’s offensive in any way, so I’ll apologize in advance if it is, but hey, that’s what we all call those kind of places.  😉 Bars where bikers go to!  You know – nice day, need a place to ride the motorcycle to and have some fun hanging out with other people with motorcycles – that kind of bar.  The only problem was that yesterday really wasn’t a nice day and it was down right cold!  It’s April.  This time last year we were all running around in shorts and sandals. Instead, the area got snow just two days ago.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop talking about the horrible weather.  My point is that there wasn’t anyone in the bar.  No one.  At all.  So…. well…. they made the best of it!  The performed and I photographed them.  I understand later there were maybe 12 people or so.  At least those folks got a chance to enjoy some great music that afternoon!  I was there to capture some “live” shots for their website and promotional materials.  It’s the same band from my last post.  Here’s a few from the day and two from the final package of images from before…. Oh!  And don’t forget to check out NOWisNOW if you’re in the New England area!  🙂

Bring on summer!!!






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