Mike and Lisa

I just realized it’s May.  Holy cow.  How did that sneak up on me?!  I think it doesn’t seem quite like May because it’s been a bit chilly right on the seacoast in my area.  Well, do you know what May means?  The start of wedding “season”!  Of course, summer and warmer days are right around the corner too.

I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for two people I consider great friends of mine, Mike and Lisa, a little over a week ago and thought I’d share my experience and some of the results with you.  I think I do know their personalities fairly well, so I didn’t worry too much about that aspect of our time together, but I did want to find out where their favorite places were… where they could go and really be happy.  My first thought was maybe to do some fun photographs on Mike’s Harley or in their backyard near the swimming pool.  However, when I asked, without hesitation they both said they loved the beach.  So, off to the beach we went!

Well, kind of.  🙂  We actually went to a park close to the beach with lots of fun rocks and trees.  I’m glad they went along with this as the light was very harsh that morning, with the sun perched high in the sky and not a cloud around.  For those that aren’t familiar with how that impacts photographs, I’ll just say that it makes it very difficult to control the light and photographs tend to be very “blown out”.  Mike and Lisa were great sports and were willing to walk around and try just about anything.  We made our way down near the water, took a few photographs in the trees and even had a little fun!  😉  Here are a few of the final photographs for them…







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8 Responses to Mike and Lisa

  1. Dad says:

    Awesome looking couple! Nice picture JM…

  2. cbmccurdy says:


    I just recommended you and your web page to my friends in the Portsmouth Police Department. Don’t know if they will give you a call, but hey, they are nice guys and gals. Maybe there will be some work in there.

    Clark B McCurdy
    6 Arthur Road
    Portsmouth, NH 03801

    • Thank you so much for the referral Clark! I hope to hear from them! If there’s anyone I should reach out to directly, please send me a private message with contact information. Thanks again!

  3. Awesome shots! Love the second shot down, this guy is the Hulk! I hope no one messes with his woman! I think you really captured their happiness!

  4. McCracken says:

    Great job JM! Such talent!

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