“Wedding of the Century!”

So many of Mike and Lisa’s friends were calling their wedding, the “wedding of the century” and I think it’s safe to say that the day lived up to their expectations!  They have a reputation for hosting great parties and certainly did not disappoint!  Despite the tumultuous forecast, the day was perfect for this gorgeous couple.  The sunny skies provided a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony on the shores of the Atlantic ocean with classic New England stone walls and lighthouses in the distance.

The guys were first to be photographed, getting prepared at the groom’s house.  We spent a little time indoors on a few details (which oddly included me ironing the best man’s shirt 🙂 ) Then we made our way outdoors for some group photos.  They were good sports and we got a few serious photos and well, a few not so serious, which is just how it should be!  From there, I scurried over to where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready, capturing all of the little details along the way from makeup application to hair and getting dressed.  We made our way out to the back yard and had the backdrop of the lake and granite staircase to work with for photos.  The natural light seemed to love the bride.  I think it erased the wedding jitters!

The ceremony took place and then they were all off to the reception at a local country club.  The clouds had started to move in, but we still captured a few late evening photographs before more dancing, cake and the fun of the reception set in.  I captured several hundred photos and will build these into a great story for the bride and groom in a very photojournalistic sort of way.  I’m hoping that they can pass the album along to friends or family that weren’t at the wedding and those people can simply feel the excitement, fun and overall joy of the day.  At the same time, they’ll be able to look back at these photos years from now and fondly remember the day surrounded by their close friends and family.  Below is a small sample of some of the photographs.

Many congratulations and wishes of years of happiness to the bride and groom, Mike and Lisa!














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10 Responses to “Wedding of the Century!”

  1. cbmccurdy says:

    As usual, a beautiful job!!!

    Clark B McCurdy
    6 Arthur Road
    Portsmouth, NH 03801

  2. gssm@comcast.net says:

    You are a first class photographer! Even for someone who doesn’t know the couple, your posting and the pictures tell a great story! A very unique take on photographing a wedding. Glo

  3. Katie C says:

    I can’t wait for you to shoot our wedding!! I love these!

  4. Very nice photography skills showing here! I love these images! Great post processing and you know how to place people for great shots which is not easy to do!

  5. Lisa LaChance says:


    Mike and I are so grateful to you for the beautiful photos of our “wedding of the century”! We can’t wait to see the rest of our fairytale stor, through your camera, as it unfolded on our special day.

    Mr & Mrs LaChance xoxox

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