Happy First Birthday Charlie!

One of the most fun and challenging subjects to photograph is a one year old.  They’re adorable with their goofy faces and expressions, sometimes looking like someone 70 years their senior and sometimes looking like a doll.  They run around with no sense of time, responsibility or worries and just enjoy the moment.  Or hate the moment and scream and cry.  Thankfully the session with Charlie was wonderful and he was a real trooper, making his way through a pumpkin patch and then ripping apart a birthday cake.  I’ll bet he was thinking “dang Mom and Dad, it’s GOOD to be one!!!”!

Our day started at a local pumpkin patch and apple orchard.  We planned it out and called around to see who allowed photos and thankfully Mack’s Apples (Londonderry, NH) was more than accommodating.  Charlie and his parents arrived, looking dapper, and we had some gorgeous sunshine to work with along with some super fun fall colors.  With a one year old we need to move fast while we have smiles and we certainly did.  Fall colors, pumpkin patches, apple orchards… doesn’t get much better than that!

After leaving the orchard we headed back to Charlie’s house for a little cake smash session.  Thankfully, I’m fully portable and I was able to bring a backdrop, stands, lights and all right into their home.  It’s hard to travel with a one year old, especially when they’re covered in cake.  🙂  Portability is key!  I decided to work with a white paper backdrop for two reasons.  First, we had great color with the balloons, confetti and the cake and we wanted that to come out.  Second, it’s fully disposable!  Cleanup involved lifting Charlie up (carefully and at arms length!) and then just cutting the paper and wrapping it all up to capture the mess.  Easy!  Charlie got a quick bath in the kitchen sink and we were done!

Happy first birthday Charlie!  Huge congratulations to Kristen and Pete on making it through year one!
















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