Winter Walk On Marginal Way

At times, one just has to embrace the winter and try to imagine it’s warmer, even at the beach.  I love to go on nice long walks and last weekend a friend called and invited me to join her and Tuxy (the cutest labradoodle) for a stroll.  We loaded up in my old Jeep and off we went about a half hour’s drive north to Ogunquit, Maine for a walk at Marginal Way and on the beach.

We have had so much snow that I wasn’t sure how this would work. Do we take snow shoes and poles with all of the snow?  The great part is that the pathway was so well packed that so long as we stayed on it, we didn’t sink into the 4 feet of snow.  Unfortunately I’m not exaggerating the depth.  We noticed that if we stepped off the well traveled areas we sunk right down into the snow. Tuxy, short for Tuxedo (check out his coat), was having a blast in the snow as he ran ahead of us and explored new areas.  Thankfully he didn’t jump in the water for a swim!  He even had a little puppy crush on this super cute lab puppy that we met.  How adorable is that little guy?!

All in all, we covered around 6 miles with our walk.  Just before hopping back in the car, I grabbed a few photos of the lobster boats in the basin area at Perkins Cove where we parked.  They’re so representative of Maine. Soon we’ll all be sitting out on picnic tables eating lobsters, sipping our local craft beers.  That time can’t come soon enough!  🙂

_DSC5017 _DSC5022 _DSC5025 _DSC5027 _DSC5033 _DSC5034 _DSC5037 _DSC5041 _DSC5057 _DSC5061 _DSC5088 _DSC5101

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3 Responses to Winter Walk On Marginal Way

  1. dogear6 says:

    Tuxedo is a very appropriate name! I loved the photos, although I love Maine in general. Having grown up in Chicago and living in various snowbelts, the weather doesn’t bother me. I like it warm better, but the cold and snow don’t stop me from going out and having fun. That lab puppy sure was cute – what a little tank though. I think it’s going to be a big dog soon.


    • Thanks Nancy! Tuxy is a great dog and he just loved the snow. I grew up in Michigan and I usually don’t mind the snow, but this winter has been rough. At least February has been. I think you’re right about that puppy – maybe his nickname will be “tank”!

  2. Melissa Doerr says:

    How am I now just seeing this? Loved the entry and the pics, Jean-Marie! You are one talented photographer with a unique ability to capture the spirit of your subject and making your human and canine subjects alike feel at ease the whole time. Beautiful work!

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